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  • The Diamond Circle

    6 days days

     One of 10 best trails in the world! ( Sunday Times, 2000) The North of Iceland is best known for it's great natural sights and beautifully varied landscape. Our tour leaves from Saltvík Farm near Húsavík, to the Lake Mývatn area,…

  • Riding Mývatn

    2 hours days

    The Mývatn area is famous for its extra ordinary nature and scenary. We are proud to present our base at Reykjahlíð which is situated on the north east cost of the lake or only 400m from the info center:).  We offer short…

  • Towards the midnight sun

    7 days days

    Bright summer nights at the edge of the Arctic. The North-East part of Iceland is often referred to as the "Edge of the Arctic“.  During a two-week period around the 21st of June, the sun stays up all night and it´s an…

  • Riding Húsavík

    2 hours days

    We are located only 4km south of Húsavík, the capital city of the whales;). We offer excellent ride along the coastline with an excellent view over the  ocean and also an nice and easy ride up in to the hills above…


  • Saltvik family Saltvik family


I have been frequently asked why I spend as much time as possible on horseback in the Icelandic mountains. Admittedly, I had to give it some thorough thinking before I could come up with a suitable answer that would explain my urge to deliver myself up to unpredictable weather conditions, physical hardship, basic accommodation etc. during my well deserved and dearly needed summer holidays. The answer that I finally came upon is closely connected to who I am and what I do in my everyday private and work life. It has got to do with beauty, a rather double-edged entity and one of my favorite topics to contemplate.

Stefanie Luther
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