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Sprengisandur - In to the wild

This tour is the big brother of all riding tours in Iceland!!   The longest and hardest route between north and south Iceland which travellers used to ride on their journeys through the centuries. The trail leads between the huge glaciers Vatnajökull and Hofsjökull and was in the past feared by those who had to ride it because of stories about ghosts, trolls and outlaws that used to live up there.  If you look for the ultimate challenge regarding  riding in Iceland then this tour is something to think about smile

Photos from Sprengisandur - In to the wild

Day by day

Day 1: Saltvík – Aðalból 20 km. 

We start our ride from Saltvík after a short introduction to the staff and horses.  The first day takes us through the green vegetation of North Iceland farmland along Hvammsheiði, following a 10 km highway of Tölters on soft tracks along the heath!  Then we cross the river Laxá at the Þúfuvað passing where the river is about 100m wide but luckily shallow and still. We leave the horses at Aðalból farm and drive back to Saltvík for the night.

Day 2 : Aðalból - Fosshóll ( Goðafoss)  25 km. 

 We ride beside lake Vestmannsvatn through the old birchforest in Vatnshlíð, then we head up across Fljótsheiði towards the beutiful waterfall Goðafoss where we leave the horses at a nearby fam Fosshóll and  drive back to Saltvík, where we spend the night.  In Saltvík we can relax in the hot pools and get the strain out of our muscles before the adventures of the following day!

Distance: 40 km.

Day 3: Fosshóll  – Kiðagil 45 km. 

We cross Fljótsheiði and ride towards the waterfall Goðafoss where we have a good lunch break and take our time to visit the beautiful waterfall and enjoy the scenery.  After that we start riding up along the river Skjálfandafljót which we follow for the rest of the day, until we arrive at our guesthouse Kiðagil.

Distance: 35 km.

Day 4: Kiðagil – Ytri Mosar  

We keep on riding along the river and up the Bárðardalur valley until we come to the farm Mýri - the last farm in the north before entering the wilderness.  Ahead of us is a ride of about 200 km, until we come to the first farm on the south side of Iceland!  We ride along Íshólsvatn and down to the valley Mjóidalur until we come to the cottage in Ytri Mosar where we spend the night enjoying the silence of the wilderness 

Distance: 40 km.

Day 5: Ytri Mosar – Laugafell

We get up early in the morning to start the longest day of our journey, riding towards Sprengisandur and saying good bye to the last green grass of the north before we start our ride over the desert towards the Laugafell oasis that welcomes us with it´s natural hot pool - well deserved after a long day in the saddle.  In clear sky we have a magnificent view towards the mighty glaciers, Vatnajökull and Langjökull, as we ride through the desert.

Distance: 60 km.

Day 6: Laugafell – Háumýrar

We leave Laugafell and head towards the south east side of the Langjökull glacier.  On our way we see the first rivers running southwards and after a day of endless sand and uninterrupted glacier views we come to our base at Háumýrar.  There, after we put up tents for the night and a fence for the horses, we again enjoy the silence and magical atmosphere of the wilderness with the glaciers watching over us during the night.

Distance: 45 km.

Day 7: Háumýrar – Versalir

On we ride, along the great river Þjórsá, Icelands longest river.  We can see glaciers on both hand-sides, and come to Þjórsárver and Eyvindarver, where we can still see some remains of the dwelling of Fjalla-Eyvindur, Iceland's most famous outlaw who lived in the wilderness for 17 years in the 18th century.

Distance: 40 km.

Day 8: Versalir – Þóristungur

Now we ride along the river Þjórsá and on our way we see the great waterfall Dynkur and enjoy the magnificant view from Búðarháls where the trail takes us high up above the surroundings. Overnight we stay in a nice mountain hut at Þóristungur.

Distance: 50 km.

Day 9 : Þóristungur - Reykjavík

After breakfast  we drive to Reykjavík, Or after the the reverse tour ( South - North ) flight from Húsavík to Reykjavík.   Arrival in Reykjavík around 11.00 am.

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