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    1.5 - 2 hours  hours


    9900 iskr/ 80 euros/ 100 USD 

    • Jun 30 - Sep 01 2017
    Tour operator

1.5 hours

The Lava Tour ( Lake Mývatn )

From Our Base at Lake Mývatn ( 200 m south of the Information center at Reykjahlíð)

we offer this fantastic tour in the magical surroundings of lake Mývatn

The trail leads from our base at the lakeside up towards the lavafields surrounding the lake . At a certain point riders can enjoy a spectacular view over the whole Mývatn area surrounded by mighty volcanoes . We offer selection of horses fit both for beginners and more advanced riders. Experienced guides on all tours . 

Photos from The Lava Tour ( Lake Mývatn )

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