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    7 days ( 6 riding days)


    2390 euros

    • Jun 18 - Jun 24 2017
    • Jun 24 - Jun 30 2018
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7 days

Towards the midnight sun

Bright summer nights at the edge of the Arctic.

The North-East part of Iceland is often referred to as the "Edge of the Arctic“.  During a two-week period around the 21st of June, the sun stays up all night and it´s an unforgettable experience to watch the colourful and quiet contrasts of light and water when the blood-red sun hovers over the glittering ocean in the night.

Our ride takes us along the shore, visiting small fishing villages and isolated farms with adventureous trails through the highland plateaus of Melrakkaslétta and Tunguheiði where the view is breathtaking and our only company are a few happy birds and sheeps wandering around in the heaths.

We will visit Dettifoss, the most powerful waterfall in Europe and the National Park of Jökulsárgljúfur, with Ásbyrgi the hoof-shaped canyon; in the sagas it´s said to be the footstep of Sleipnir, the eight-legged stallion of Óðinn, King of Aces (The nordic gods of the vikings)

Photos from Towards the midnight sun

Day by day

Upon arrival  at Keflavík airport it is easy to use the Flybus service to an hotel or guesthouse of your own choice in Reykjavík for the first night. If needed, we can help with booking a room before and/or after the tour.


Day 1.   Saltvík – Þeistareykir  ( 30 km)

In the morning meeting at the  Eagle Air airport for a direct flight to Húsavík ( Flight Reykjavik-Húsavík - Reykjavík is included in tourprice).

Saltvík farm is located 5 min. from the Húsavík airport!

After an introduction to the staff and horses there is a short briefing about riding the Icelandic horses on trails, then we head up to the highlands. We ride over the Reykjaheiði heath and through ancient lavafields and moorland until we arrive at our destination at Þeistareykir, where we stay overnight in a cozy mountain hut, surrounded by geothermal hotsprings that bubble and boil 24 hours a day with no rest and show us a glimpse of the powers that created this little Island millions of years ago!

Day 2 . Þeistareykir – Ásbyrgi  (30 km)

Today we ride into the national park of Jökulsárgljúfur and after a great ride through Bláskógar birchforest, we come to Ásbyrgi canyons where we leave the horses and take a nice sightseeing tour into the hoof-shaped canyons told to be a footstep of Sleipnir the eight-legged stallion of Odinn, King of the old nordic gods, before we head to our guesthouse at Lundur. There we can relax in a nice hot pool after the first two days of riding.

Day 3.  Ásbyrgi- Kópasker (35 km)

We ride from Lundur following the coastline of Öxarfjörður towards the small fishing village of Kópasker. This is a day of fast tölt where we follow nice riding trails between farms  along the shore until we reach our destination at Kópasker. The name of the village refers to „the young seals lair“ so we may possibly see some seals in the evening as we take a walk to the beach to watch the sunset. If the weather is good we might even start a bonfire to sit around on the beach and enjoy the evening with storytelling and songs!

Day 4. . Kópasker – Ærlækur (40 km)

We ride over the highland plateau, Melrakkaslétta and truly get the feeling of being alone in the world. This is a really isolated area with hardly any possibility of meeting or even seeing another human being other than our fellow riders! The landscape is also remarkable. We ride through ancient lava formations at Kvíar and enjoy the view over the Arctic sea north of Iceland. the day ends at Ærlækur farm. and we stay over night at Lundur Guesthouse.

Day 5.    Lundur  - Þórseyri ( 40 km)

We ride towards the coastline of Öxarfjörður, following Jökulsá river riding sandy river banks. We end the ride at the abandoned farm Þórseyri, 

Day 6  Þórseyri  – Saltvík ( 35 km)

On the last day, we ride up to Reykjaheiði again and enjoy the day by riding great trails until we arrive home to Saltvík in the afternoon. In the evening we have our farewell dinner  and spend the evening with hopefully some nice stories from our journey as well as some songs and laughter!

Optional - 3 hours whale watching tour in the afternoon

Day 7.  Húsavík – Reykjavík

In the morning fly back to Reykjavík for an overnight stay before the flight back home!

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